Trucking Hull

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Truck Theatre The Socialist Republic of Hull hosted a clan gathering of the “Avenue’s” branch of the House family

This all female branch successfully avoided Royalist pre-procreation ceremonial fervour while plotting the overthrow of several magnificent vegetarian feasts (and swapping gardening tips)

Hull Truck Theatre entertained us with not one, but two Alan Bennetts in an autobiographical play featuring an outstanding yellow Bedford Van and a colourful unconventional lady


Trucking Hull
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2 bits of lovely banter on “Trucking Hull”

  1. nick writes:

    Nothing like the theatre. That electrifying sense of everything being done live and your wondering if they’re going to get it right or suddenly fluff their lines or fall off the stage.

    Re the nuptials, apparently Kate has now gone back to being “an RAF housewife”. Blimey, back in the 1950s or what?



    wendy writes

    I have to fight the urge to get up on stage and join in, I want to interview the characters. Most fun. 🙂



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