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Our correspondent from Barcelona recently provided this little tid-bit:

Most modern English place names have their origins in Old English, the Anglo-Saxon language; most of the other contributions are either oddities or window dressing. Recurring elements that help us to do our own detective work include the endings “-ham” and “-ton“, ancestors of “home” and “town“; Hampton is a combination of the two and Hampstead means, more or less, “homestead“. The “-ing” generally means a place was founded by the followers of a certain chieftain: Reading is called after an otherwise forgotten man, Reada, whose name suggests that he had red hair, and Hastings after Haesta, who was probably quick-tempered.

thatched pub and post van

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3 bits of lovely banter on “check your pocket contents”

  1. nick writes:

    Or of course places like Milton Keynes that are named after celebs (no doubt they would both be bemused at the word celeb). But I expect we’ll have to wait a while for Gaga Madonna New Town or Gilbert And George on Thames.



  2. nick writes:

    Hmmm, I suppose you could say that Reading and Hastings are also named after “celebs”.



  3. wendy writes:

    Reading town is very proud of it’s celebs – we already have apartments called ‘Winslet place’, Though Kate might consider taking legal action for deformation of character….



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