when does persistence become harassment?

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Facebook is determinedFacebook is determined to suggest that I buy high healed shoes, loose weight and look younger. Sometimes all 4 advertisements are about weightloss. I always mark them as offensive because I have a healthy weight and lack of obsession with dieting.

Perhaps facebook should include BMI (Body Mass Index) as a field in people’s personal information so that it doesn’t irresponsibly promote dieting to people who are underwieght.

As you’ve probably noticed, I am repeatedly annoyed by the fact that Facebook perpetually ignores my responses to the controls it provides for rating these adverts. I tell facebook that I find dieting, and female conformity (make-up etc) advertisements offensive. What’s the point of asking me if they are going to ignore my responses. Given that they ignore my feedback the adverts feel like harrassment.

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4 bits of lovely banter on “when does persistence become harassment?”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    …I’m being told about 365 things to do in Bath [not in the bath, unfortunately].



  2. Bux writes:

    Ooh, my anti-spam word (which shall remain private in accordance with Wendy House rules) perfectly described my frustration at these ads! Is your anti-spam using the same methods as facebook to track my moods?? 🙂

    Seriously, I keep getting exactly the same ads as you Wendy (no doubt FB thinks all women of our age are obsessed with weight, looks and shoes). Some days I really do grieve for the good old days of Myspace before it managed to reinvent itself in the image of FB and then kill itself off completely.





  3. wendy writes:

    Ms Scarlet, 365 things to do in the bath sounds like a good book to write 🙂

    Bux, awesome awareness of wendy house security procedures, I hope your adverts improve with time…



  4. nick writes:

    I think persistence becomes harrassment as soon as it’s unsolicited and is foist on you regardless. Which covers most adverts and billboards. It should also cover people calling at the door to sell you religion or double glazing, though legally it’s only harrassment if it happens at least twice.



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