before printing invitations

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Charles: We’d like to invite you to our son’s wedding on April 29th.

Barak: I’d love to join the party but I’ve already got plans for that day.

Charles: We could move the wedding if you’d really like to come along.

Barak: I appreciate your flexibility, but I’ll be busy on the Wedding day, whatever day it is.

Barak: Oh, and Charles, don’t send me an official invitation because I want to keep media attention and speculation about my activity on that day to a minimum. Don’t invite me and dont talk about it.


before printing invitations
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2 bits of lovely banter on “before printing invitations”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    I did wonder what the journalists would have done if it had all happened on the same day.



  2. Jenn writes:

    Are you saying the wedding was a diversionary tactic to entertain the media and to make it easier for Barak to pick-up Osama? But don’t they love each other (Wills and Kate)?



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