whats on TV?

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what's on TV today?A loud-mouthed moorhen*  Coot was on TV in the River Kennet today. The bird had a lot to say.

TV is a good medium for riding your message to the masses.  This TV has a chameleon nature, colours matching the bird and the river.

I suspect the moorhen Coot was announcing that this TV has beeen adopted as high-quality nesting material.

* Correction suggested by AFH in the comments

whats on TV?
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2 bits of lovely banter on “whats on TV?”

  1. A.F. Harrold writes:

    Hey Wendy, that’s no moorhen, that’s a coot. (But a very cute coot.) 🙂 AF



  2. wendy writes:

    I should have guessed from the call it made, sounded like a Coot. I’ll have to place more (deliberate?) miss-labelings in my scribbles to encourage you out to comment 🙂



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