green doors

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The toilets in the Fine Art department of Reading University are proudly green and probably original features of the one-storey utilitarian style brick building (circa 1930). The subtle differences in styling such as the 3 vertical panels on the womens’ door imply it may be newer (circa 1950) than the more utilitarian design of the mens’.

womenThe addition of a paper sign to the womens’ door is a modern addition, an attempt to change behaviour using strong language “Important, Under no circumstances should…” clear identification  of the people who should attend to this notice “...fine arts students…” and their unacceptable behaviour “…clean their brushes in these toilets

EWE!  I always use the sink to clean my brushes – easier and less whiffy.

green door

green doors
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2 bits of lovely banter on “green doors”

  1. Brian writes:

    This was a sort of puzzle for me. Part of it was the language; it took some time to imagine “toilet” referring to the entire room, and it took me three mental tries to think of what sort of brush they meant. At first I was imagining fine arts students were somehow especially hygenically challenged!



  2. wendy writes:

    tee hee, I hadn’t thought about other meanings of brush 🙂



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