Do Androids dream of electric wendys?

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While standing in the isle of a FGW commuter train from London Paddington I watched the young man seated beside me using his Blackberry phone. It looked like a mini Windows 95 – text-menu list overload! My gut reaction was yuck! The young man navigated the text-heavy grey menu with impressive speed. Clearly an experienced user.

Some of the things I love about my Android HTC desire are the way the designers have managed to

  • Use pleasing interaction styles –  I can gesture with flicks, stretches, squeezes. I can drag and drop all sorts of things across screens. I can use short and long presses on the screen to find different button behaviours. It’s fun to explore and learn
  • Create a simple, versataile information architecture. I don’t have to learn then relearn where everything is because everything is in a sensible place that’s easy to find and find again. The navigation system is clear and simple
  • Allow me to easily find and install useful, innovative, fun, relevant Apps. It’s my phone and it does what I want it to do!
  • Avoid looking like Windows 95, no battleship grey, no long text menus with uninspiring fonts
  • Include fun animations like the windscreen wiper blade running across the screen when its raining. I love how the designers have taken the notion of a dashboard design and then added a winscreen wiper extending the metaphor with humour. Fun!

My HTC Desire in the rain Hoorah for Android!

Do Androids dream of electric wendys?
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3 bits of lovely banter on “Do Androids dream of electric wendys?”

  1. nick writes:

    Jenny has an HTC Desire and she loves it. She particularly likes the easy way you can make the text smaller or larger. I don’t think she knows about the windscreen wiper, must pass that on.



    wendy writes

    I talked to owners of different phones and watched them show me what they liked about it. Desire owners were all lovely people who found it very easy to express and show what they liked without being arrogant or using technospeak.



  2. Miss Scarlet writes:

    Yes, yes, yes!!!! Mine is a Wildfire… but I’m going to upgrade. Love HTC.



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