drawers for drawers

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Riding the London commuter train back to Reading I realised I’d left my house keys in the office, luckily my neighbour was home, able to let me in with her spare key. It’s been a week for scattiness. I spent about 3 hours looking for my E11, EHIC, ready for my summer vacation.

Searching was a serious process that involved:

  • looking in all the pockets of 5 handbags (USA purses)
  • The contents of 4 old purses (USA Wallets)
  • 16 drawers, some containing drawers – I might have hidden the card in my underwear. It’s possible.
  • 4 trays of important ‘stuff’ , once recent letters that have faded to the bottom of unotuched piles
  • lesser-used jacket pockets

chest for drawersMy chest of drawers is more organised now that I’ve carefully inspected, sorted, folded and replaced each item. The search threw up some surprises, the condoms with a 2008 use-by date. Thrown away. Pre-Euro continental coinage from the 1990s, re-packed for posterity. No E11 card

Once I’d run out of obvious places, I gave up. A solemn swathe of paranoia about my ability to file and find key documents, a history of losing my passport, drove me to check that the passport was where I thought it should be. It was.

Tucked inside my passport was my E11 card.

A sensible place.



drawers for drawers
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3 bits of lovely banter on “drawers for drawers”

  1. Bux writes:

    Wendy, I’m just glad you didn’t discover the card in a pair of drawers that were in use 🙂




  2. nick writes:

    That was a lucky discovery. The sort that makes you realise that was the glaringly obvious place to look for it in the first place….

    I like your chest of drawers, most unusual. Loads of storage space. Though maybe too much after your E11 experience.



  3. Miss Scarlet writes:

    As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that I should learn to rely on the organinised sensible side of myself and look for ‘lost’ items in logical places!



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