the deepest natural sleep


skies at Lidd on seaMy face heavily half-turned into the red polyurethane sofa, my whole body still held immobile in its own deep rejuvinating sleep. One hour of this sleep feels so good, like a double-dose of quality Ginseng

The memory of passing out hadn’t stayed with me. It’s precursor, the exquisit mix of pain and perverted perception, the other-worldiness that heralds fainting still hangs in the silent air. For a while I try and recapture the floating feeling, without the pain, but my body’s too heavy

Reluctantly, I rejoin the world of acquantiances, where such things aren’t discussed

the deepest natural sleep
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2 bits of lovely banter on “the deepest natural sleep”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    You’ll get stuck like velcro to that sofa if you’re not careful and then they’ll be even more pain when you have to rip yourself off.
    I suggest a nice deep dralon in future.



    wendy writes

    I did! I had to rip my face off it, the colour seemed to leak from the sofa onto my face too.



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