I grew some ratatouille!

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I can’t decide whether I first rescued this courgette from:

  • a potential slug attack, or
  • early onset obescity

CourgetteI slipped a seed into the sod last April. This chunky hunk has been brewing ever since

Now, don’t you think it’s a very pleasing size, shape, and colour? It’s also quite firm and smells very like ‘vegetable’, not at all like ‘book’

Ratatouille here we come!

PS 65 word post before the PS
I grew some ratatouille!
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4 bits of lovely banter on “I grew some ratatouille!”

  1. ExpatEgghead writes:

    There is a surprising amount of sexuality in this post. I might even go so far as to say it’s borderline pornographic. “I slipped a seed into the sod last April. ” Could be Jilly Cooper writing.



  2. James Sutherland writes:

    Nice … I look forward to hearing how it tastes in ratatouille form! As ratatouille goes, though, it may be a little light on the tomato front…

    I had steak, chips and salad last night – quite tasty, in fact, though not remotely home-grown. My mother’s home-made ratatouille is very nice – though apart from having used a bit of one of my chills once or twice for spice, all shop-bought ingredients.



  3. Bux writes:

    What a whopper!

    Vegetables, another Wendy House talent. If that were mine, I’d make my veggie lasagne with it.




  4. wendy writes:

    I’ve never read any Jilly Cooper, but she’s a famous writer so I’m geussing that’s a flattering comparison, thanks ExpatEgghead!
    James, mum supplied some tomatoes from her green-house, I’ll have to consider adding them to my nascent crop and home-growing skills for next year…
    Bux, Lasagne is on my list for the next courgetter



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