gently swinging the house – 150th birthday

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Birthday cake for a houseIt was the sort of party where the men wore ironed shirts, ties and jackets. When a new guest walked into the room everyone stood up and rearranged themselves so that the more senior people in the room were sure to have a seat, with no fuss. The host constantly circulated checking and filling people’s glasses and making sure they were introduced to people nearby. I was glad I’d taken the trouble to wear my smarter clothes, a tailored boating jacket over white Jaeger jeans

As the amazingly perky 90 year old lady next to me showed me the plaster cast of her broken wrist and listed other recently broken bones she  smiled, adding that she was glad I was wearing slacks too. The chirpiness of her conversation was contageoius, and inspiring given the clear deterioration of her body

A Magician moved from table to table, playing a range of tricks and gently encouraging guest to talk with those people near them.  He wore a black suit with pink pink shirt, tie and pinstripes. I watched the magician, found out how other people knew the hosts,  mingled…

It was a real pleasure to be part of this civilised event, so different from informal parties hosted by my peers

Today I’m carefully hand-writing the hosts a heartfelt thankyou letter

Magician's feet

gently swinging the house – 150th birthday
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2 bits of lovely banter on “gently swinging the house – 150th birthday”

  1. nick writes:

    Sounds a bit dull to me, think I’d prefer something more informal. Anyway, who or what was celebrating a 150th birthday?



    wendy writes

    a neighbour’s house was 150 years old. Luckily, I didn’t find it dull because the guests were so friendly, interesting and generous.



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