Urban art

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This August Bristol hosted a “see no evil” ‘block’ party, in a street dominated by 1970’s blocky, brutalist style architecture, Nelson Street:

“Some of the world’s leading street artists, some of the biggest pieces of permanent street art, some of the best music and one big block party August 20 2011!”

Artists included:

  • Tats Cru (NY)
  • El Mac (LA)
  • Niels Shoe (Amsterdam)
  • Mr Wany (Bristini)
  • Inkie (Bristol)
  • Aryz (Barcelona)
  • Zeus (UK)
  • Nick Walker (UK)

The artwork transformed places you might quickly walk through on your way somewhere else to places you go to linger. The varied pictures and styles change moods, raise questions, touch the soul. Bros 1957 and I lingered there, talking, smiling, photographing for several hours

to the car park

Urban art
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2 bits of lovely banter on “Urban art”

  1. Kevin writes:

    I’m usually inclined to be a bit dismissive of these capers, having seen too many pretty lousy ones over the years. Despite that, I actually like these, they have a coherence with each other and the hard lines of all that concrete.



    wendy writes

    Hi Kevin, there were some very colourful and thought provoking images, all were very high quality, clearly very skilled artists that thought carefully about the context. It suprised me that the different artist’s styles appeared to sit so well togethers – realiam, cartoon, abstract….



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