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numb·er·i·cal /nəmerikəl/



1) Deprived of the power to feel or manipulate a number or series of numbers

“wendy suffered a numberical moment when asked to work out how many people it would take to eat 6 packages of  twiglets in 30 minutes”  (the answer was, of course:  ‘1, ME!’ )

2) Inability to perceive numbers

“When asked how many packets of twiglets are hidden in the back of your wardrobe? wendy numberically answered “MINE!”

3) Counting without direct use of numbers

wendy numberically asserted that there were a whole bunch of twiglets for sale in the Co-op”

“A guest in the wendy house numberically suggested there were loads of twiglets hidden in the back of wendy’s wardrobe” (not actually true because I’ve eaten them)


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4 bits of lovely banter on “numberical”

  1. Bux writes:

    all my life I’ve had panic attacks and sweaty palms at the mere thought of having to add anything of a higher value than 2 plus 2. dyscalculia! that’s what it is (and I’m so happy to have discovered it is an actual syndrome, because up until that point most people thought I was ‘being totally thick’ – I now feel thoroughly vindicated!)

    Just as I had a proper syndrome, I’m pretty sure the twiglet thing will turn out to have a name too, just you wait and see!




    wendy writes

    Gosh, the world is really different through your eyes…



  2. Paul G. writes:

    When I was a student, I nearly got thrown out of a pub for smoking Tiwglets. Although I think they probably objected more to us moving the pool table so we could sit in a circle on the floor, rather than the act of smoking them itself.



    wendy writes

    Wow! Smoking twiglets cannot be easy! Glad to see you took the subversive responsibilities of studenthood seriously. Good job!



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