old local

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The clientelle of a real ale pub in a midlands town

The pants of the khaki Cargo make an appearance

I wandered in without realising this was a women-free zone. A couple of the locals appear a bit overexcited by the novelty of a woman in the place. They remind me of those small dogs that attach themselves to your ankles.  Kind of cute, if a bit random and inappropriate. Shift workers at a local factory, some ex-students, they boast of thier prison histories, mention that I’ve got  “great pins” and slur other stuff I could barely understand

I’m more than glad when my companions saunter in…

Swan In The Rushes

old local
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3 bits of lovely banter on “old local”

  1. Bux writes:

    old local, it sounds more like a real (m)ale pub 🙂

    Great pins eh…you’ll be making Miss Scarlet envious.




  2. Scarlet writes:

    I didn’t realise such pubs still existed!
    Come back south, Wendy…. where it is safe 🙂
    Alas, my pins are more like skittles!



  3. wendy writes:

    me niether, going north was like going back in time over 30 years… except I still had the wrinkles!



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