a girl, swan, and a monk

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Reading town has many sculptures, often hidden in unobrusive places where you stumble across them. Suprises in unexpected places.Very pleasing

Girl and SwanA girl and a swan

Sculpture by:  Lorne McKean

The girl and swan are easily found at the front of Arundel House, downtown. on Kings Road. I love the way the swan attached to the wall looks like it’s light, it’s flying. I find the seemingly nude, pre-pubescent female figue slightly disturbing


Sculpture by: Elizabeth Frink

A fully covered, adult, standing monk has raised his left arm as if about to gesture. Less than 1,000 feet from the girl and the swan it is more difficult to find. Not on a main thoroughfair. In a garden on a quiet walkway within the ruins of Reading Abbey alongside Reading Gaol

I wonder why he’s raised his arm, is it a greeting or the natural swing as he walks?


a girl, swan, and a monk
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2 bits of lovely banter on “a girl, swan, and a monk”

  1. Bux writes:

    Oh Wendy, I love that girl and a swan. We used to have a great Anthony Gormley figure attached to the front of a shop by his feet so he ‘stood’ horizontally out over the street. Unfortunately culture was raped by the mass take over of property by H&M. Cheap clothes or culture….I know which I’d prefer.




  2. Brian writes:

    Yay, another mini-vacation. I had much the same reaction to the bird and the girl as you did, an odd juxtaposition of feelings. In your picture it looks almost like she’s standing on the ground because the pedestal is partly hidden.

    The monk’s gesture doesn’t look natural to me, but I don’t know what its significance is, if any.

    I continued my vacation by clicking through to the artists’ sites, finding the same girl standing in a fountain and reviving my high school memories of reading Canterbury Tales (our teacher motivated us by telling us which of the stories *not* to read because they were too “mature” for us).



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