one small letter can mean so much

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The wedding practice-party mingle in the sunshine outside St James and St William of York church. I skirt the party and slip into the substantial entrance porch of Pugin‘s psuedo Norman church. A handsome young man in the porch is talking on his mobile phone:

I’d just like you to take the “a” off the end of my name. At the moment it looks like two girls are getting married – Nicola and Alexa. My¬† name is Alex not Alexa. Please just put it right

I imagine the wedding with the grooms name miss-spelt as a girls name. If they are having the rehearsal, the wedding is probably fairly soon, I am impressed at how well the groom maintains a semblance of calm as he delivers his plea


one small letter can mean so much
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2 bits of lovely banter on “one small letter can mean so much”

  1. ExpatEgghead writes:

    A lovely photo, beautifully composed. The WendyHome captcha for me was ‘********’ [word removed by wendy to comply with moderation rule 7]. I suspect a subliminal message.



    wendy writes

    The church is wonderful in both its understatedness and atmosphere, glad if I managed to capture some of that – thanks for the photo-compliment! The CAPTCHA words do seem to tell a story that I didn’t write, which is spooky and fun…



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