the i-pack lite version

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wendy: I’d like a return rail-airbus ticket to Heathrow Terminal 3
Rail ticketing agent (RTA): Returning today?

Maybe he hasn’t noticed the suitcase I wheeled to the desk!

Wendy: No….
RTA: Tomorrow?

Does he think this case and shoulder bag add up to an overnight bag? If so, I have achieved my goal of travelling light!

Wendy: Returning 7 days from now. Can I use my network rail card for discount on that?
RTA: No, we don’t accept Network Rail cards….

I’m sold an off-peak ticket that looks exactly like a train ticket and wonder why the service provider who supplies the network rail card doesn’t allow it’s use on a Network rail service….

the i-pack lite version
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  1. Kay Guest writes:

    I worked as a travel agent for 18 years. Often we would have the hard core gamblers come in wanting to go to Las Vegas. “Are you planning to go today?” I would ask. It amused me that they would be very surprised. “How did you know?”, they would say. “Well, the suitcase was a good clue”, would be my reply. Gotta love those gamblers…if only some of that intense focus could be directed for the betterment of mankind!



    wendy writes

    Oh! you must have some wonderful stories about strange travellers. When I was younger I had my favourite travel agent and always tipped her well for finding me fabulous deals. She was awesome!



    Kay Guest writes

    I enjoyed talking with people and sending them on trips. It’s all about life, isn’t it? Vacations, weddings,reunions, funerals… there was always a story behind each trip request.
    I can’t call myself a world traveler, but I can call myself a world SENDER! Too bad I didn’t have a great tipper like you!



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