bubbles from a balcony

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Carrer UnioThe little old gentleman in the appartment opposite shuffles out each morning and early evening, He smiles and waves at us, watches the bubbles we are blowing into the gap between our building. The bubbles fall towards the pedestrians below. People see them falling, spin around and laugh contagiously

In the evenings the lady in the apartment next to the old gentleman leans out, looks upward and calls to her friend 2 floors above. We see the lights in the apartment above go out then see the friends together in the apartment opposite

Another young man sits most days in a room full of books with his windows and shutters thrown wide open. Lightly dressed, often barefoot. He rarely looks away from his books. A plump, elderly lady in overalls wipes his windowsills and brushes his floors while he reads and writes. They work alone in the same apartment

We never saw the person who owned the parrot or the person who stored their bike – hanging off the balcony

At night my imagination built stories in dreams about the unseen occupants

bubbles from a balcony
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2 bits of lovely banter on “bubbles from a balcony”

  1. Bux writes:

    Now that really is apartment life! Wish it were the same in my part of the world – you have seen more of the neighbours in one week than I have seen of mine in one decade.

    Lovely post Wendy!



    wendy writes

    would bubbles in Oslo freeze in the air then smash when they hit the ground? hope your secret neighbours are are really interesting when they finally come out, thanx for the kind comment



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