Barcelonian street art

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I was 19 the first time that I noticed graffiti as street art. It was a stylysed picture of a person body-pop dancing on a wall in Clifton, Bristol. Over the years graffiti as an art from has become much more prevalent and is often one of the joys of wandering round cities. Barcelona was full of it. Here are some examples from Barcelona

Por que? Fuck No Salvador Dali Dangerous Bunny Many of the protective shop-fronts are bespoke painted. This makes them look attractive and prevented less creative graffiti

Barcelonian street art
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2 bits of lovely banter on “Barcelonian street art”

  1. Bux writes:

    That’s it….I’m packing a bag, I HAVE to get to Barcelona sharpish!

    Great pictures Wendy, love them!




    wendy writes

    Bring Baz and a Spray-can and we can ‘paint the town’ 😉



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