like 3 pints of good strong ale

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2 tablets had no discernable affect, on advice from the nurse I took  4 tablets. As I walked along the broad pathway to the Health Centre, I tried to walk in a straight line

Straight lines were not possible while under the influence. It felt just like walking home from the pub after a little too much to drink, but – without the pleasure of doing the actual drinking

Yep, I felt relaxed!

Drugs didn’t work – Normally I’m good with pain, not crying even when I break bones. This pain was worse. The nurse couldn’t bear my tears and screams. “I can’t do this” she said “you’d probably need a whole bottle of vodka before you could begin to tolerate this”.  A genius story to convert cries to giggles! My experience is rare, but does happen to others. I wonder why some ingenious inventor hasn’t already redesigned the equipment to make the process less painful for the few people like me

Hugs do work  – Afterwards I really wanted a dozen big hugs from tall empathetic people wearing cashmere jumpers with endless supplies of freshly laundered large white hankies. Unfortunately this treatment is not available on the NHS. Recruiting teams of  ‘huggers’ would immensley improve my experience

Refered to specialist – The GP’s refering me to a specialist who will do more detailed tests (MRI scans?). The specialist will then work out what treatment is right for me

I prefer some real ale’s in a pub with friends. Wouldn’t you?

like 3 pints of good strong ale
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3 bits of lovely banter on “like 3 pints of good strong ale”

  1. Happy Frog and I writes:

    Hugs should definitely be offered on the NHS and yes, a trip to the pub with friends would certainly be more preferable. I shall think positive thoughts for you.



    wendy writes

    Cheers! as a Happy Frog you are an expert in positive thought production, good to have the experts looking out for me



  2. Happy Frog and I writes:

    I hope it is working. I haven’t been able to run any analysis yet on whether it is making any difference but with a bit of luck the evidence once collated will prove to be positive.



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