complaining psuedo liberal dude

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A Psuedo Liberal Dude (PLD) notices that the patriarchy has eroded his wife’s self-worth:

PLD: I wish my wife was more like you

wendy: MwaHaHaHaHa….(pause)    No you don’t

PLD: Yes I do, I wish she was more confident

wendy: I’m more confident because I see myself doing a relatively good job of something compared to others. So,  I can see when others need to put some effort into improving what they do.  I could give them helpful advice, if they wanted it.  Do you wish your wife was more confident like me?

PLD: Um….   …. no

wendy: didn’t think so

He’s tired of fighting the patriarchy by repeatedly re-inforcing her self-worth. But he doesn’t really want her to have strong self worth. If she did, she might see his shortcomings and suggest improvements.  From his perspective it’s better that she has an irritating lack of confidence while paying adequate homage to him…

complaining psuedo liberal dude
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4 bits of lovely banter on “complaining psuedo liberal dude”

  1. ExpatEgghead writes:

    She didn’t, I didn’t, she has, then I might. It would have been more coherent but I was overwhelmed as usual by the today’s captcha which used an unusually old English word for vagina.



  2. wendy writes:

    Expat E, I’m confused, nothing unusual there, hope all’s well with you and she… W



  3. JamesNT writes:

    I consider it an honor and a priviledge to be married to an ambitious and intelligent woman. In many ways, my wife is my better. In others, I am her better. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is we work TOGETHER to make this relationship happen both for us and our child.

    As His Excellency, Raymond Chen, would say: We’re all in this together.




  4. wendy writes:

    JamesNT, yay…



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