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BBC Breakfast news anchor man said:

Like Americans, they carry their business cards with them everywhere

Is ‘carrying business cards’ a euphemism for something like

  • helpful
  • friendly
  • organised
  • pretentious
  • over-prepared


business cards
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3 bits of lovely banter on “business cards”

  1. Brian writes:

    I’d take it to mean that they are always marketing themselves even when they’re not at work, being prepared for any chance encounter with someone to become a business opportunity. In the movie “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray’s character runs into a guy he went to school with, and within a couple of minutes the guy is trying to sell him insurance. That’s the type of personality that comes to mind. I can’t think of a word that quite describes that.



  2. Oranjepan writes:

    I’d like to know who, ‘like Americans’? That way we’d also discover who likes Americans!



  3. wendy writes:

    note to self: stop giving British people my Wendy House card if I want them to think I’m British too.



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