Train car cough any of children

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are you the princess?” the 67 year old lady asks the 7 year old girl, adding  “I’m a dinosaur

“no you’re not” even though the girl is already displaying advanced gender conformity, she hasn’t yet refined her agism prejudices…  …she can still spot the difference between dinosaurs and old ladies

No, not really, but it’s what old people call themselves”  The child makes an accurate observation about aging  “when I grow up my hair wont be blonde anymore” The old bint espouses the popular psuedo-feminist position of  ‘choice freedom’ within the boundaries of legitimate girly behaviours “you can dye your hair any colour that you want”. The mother sighs and adds “she’s a very girlie girl, she’ll only wear dresses and loves pink and purple

I press my face against the train window watching the beautiful English, Dorset, countryside fly-by – but I can’t escape the conversations of popularist female conformity…

Train ride to St Ives

Train car cough any of children
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3 bits of lovely banter on “Train car cough any of children”

  1. Kay Guest writes:

    The last time that I was on a train in England, we sat next to a family that the children talked nonstop, and I do mean nonstop.
    Of course, they had to be RIGHT NEXT TO US. Other than that, the train ride was wonderful, the views out the window, the jostling movement…I always liked to read on a train, but not with that constant jabbering going on. Can’t children be told to be quiet anymore?



    wendy writes

    Hi Kay, the adult-boy-child next to me watched non-stop episodes of ‘How I met your mother” on his DVD player. It was torturous, but quiet at least (he used headphones)….



  2. Grumps writes:

    Hmmm – was there ever a better instance when ‘throw mama off the train’? was the obvious thing to say?



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