Dear god(ess)(‘)(s)

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Please could you arrange for good ideas to arrive with clear steps on how to realise their potential.

Yesterday a good idea arrived like a large flock of  rooks attempting to roost in a rather small woodshed – a lot of wing flapping, sqwarking –  unnecessary fuss. It’s a tad discombobulating.

I don’t mind a wee bit of searching, calming, ducking, cleaning, sorting and praising. But it woud be rather nice to have the occassional good idea arrive as a yellow brick road with time for me to walk tall, breath deeply and wear a stylish pair of sunglasses as the idea unfolds.

Thank you, yours sincerely, wendy-flocking-a-fab-inspiration

dawn flocking


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4 bits of lovely banter on “Dear god(ess)(‘)(s)”

  1. Kay Guest writes:

    Oh yes, but if you have that good idea laid out as a yellow brick road, you would have to watch out for lions, tigers and bears and the mean witch, so what would be the point? Just have to make sure you have good friends to help you and your idea along the way, that’s all.



  2. Scarlet writes:

    Mine are like demented butterflies that keep whacking me on the head and however much I try I can’t catch them in my net.



  3. Grumps writes:

    This sounds intriguing – a whole parliament of ideas at once. Do tell more.
    My ideas either come too early, just as I’m waking up and too befuddled to note them down, or much too late. Apparently someone else has already invented the rotary engine. And the jet ski.



  4. wendy writes:

    I feel a follow-up post inspired by your lovely comments…..



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