Identity crisis

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Identity CrisisIn the ACCU (Adult Critical Care Unit) I found Tiger with 3 identity label tags on his wrists

Two wristbands were identical and accurately stated his name and date of birth. He’s the same person 2 times. Split personality?  The other wristband was placed on him when he arrived, when he was unconscious and alone – they didn’t know who he was. This wristband had his date of birth as 1st January 1900 and named him after the mouth of a river – Delta

Looks like Tiger has a 3 way split personality and is looking good for being 112 years old

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3 bits of lovely banter on “Identity crisis”

  1. Simon Pople writes:

    Classic NHS. I’ll tell you what though, living in a country with private healthcare has really made me appreciate the NHS, despite their poor hygiene standards and general disregard for patients. The system is not a whole lot better in Germany, Doctors are competing for your custom, so in addition to being lost and renamed in a hospital, you have different specialists telling you that the previous diagnosis was completely unprofessional and as a foreigner, it’s difficult to decide who to trust. Anyway, just had to rant a bit!



  2. Kay Guest writes:

    At least you didn’t have someone come to you with a credit card machine rolled in on a little cart, and made you pay before they would treat your loved one. That is what would have happened in America…
    Now, did I miss something or have you told us what happened to cause this hospital visit?



    wendy writes

    Kay, I remember the medical-insurance-card check before treatment experience from the USA:

    I suspect that you haven’t missed anything – what happened? Tiger had an emergency and was taken to hospital. Tiger is a star in my life but he didn’t sign-up to be a blog-star. My scribbles should be understandable without knowing more details….



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