beep beep machines

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The Beep Beep MachineThe ACCU (Adult Critical Care Unit) was full of Beeping, flashing, colourful, dynamic machines. Gadget heaven. The nurses were all very modest about their ability to read and use these fancy computers.

This is Tiger’s very own beep-beep machine. The yellow light at the top-right changes colour from green through yellow and finally to red when any of the meters plugged into Tiger measure something out of acceptable ranges. As we watched the beep-beep machine Tiger gradually learned how to make his vital signs move from yellow to green. Awesome!

The nurses could gather an impression of the patients status just by listening to the beeps. They could tell which machine, patient, from the direction of the sound and quickly check the lights and displays visually for confirmation. All very imrpessive

Unfortunately the noise keeps Tiger awake… and the songs of all the machines on the ward are sending Tiger messages. He thinks they are saying more, and more sinister, things than patients vital signs

I found the noise rather hypnotic, strangely calming. It was easy to imagine professional dancers swirling and leaping through the isles, coordinating their movements to the beep-beeps. My imagination is more kind to me than Tiger’s is to him

beep beep machines
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2 bits of lovely banter on “beep beep machines”

  1. Grumps writes:

    Impressive, most impressive, that Tiger has learned to control his machine. Of course the real trick is to change the lights on someone else’s machine.
    A friend of mine went in for transcendental meditation some years ago. He asked me to take his pulse while he meditated, and warned me not to be alarmed. His pulse dropped right down to ten or twelve a minute. He claimed that in a really deep trance it would be slowed even more. Quite a good party trick.
    Please pass on to Tiger the best wishs of a stranger, and my hope he is soon burning bright again.



  2. Jenny writes:

    Poor Tiger. People get such awful hallucinations when they are very ill. I hope he’s better soon.



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