Finding the Maudsley

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Centre for AnxietyMaudsley Hospital EntranceFinding Maudsley Hospital was straightforward especially with a sign that says ‘main entrance’ and an ‘i’ for information

The “Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma” sounds like just the ticket for Tiger.  He’s been talking using phrases like “I get very anxious” and “it was  traumatic” since before he even got to hospital. The sign label for the centre clearly maps to his, and my, more colloquial language

The entrance area was deserted except for a young man who looked of African origin sitting behind a desk wearing headphones. I could hear loud music escaping from his headphones. When he noticed me walking towards him he took off the headphones, switched the music off, turned to face me and gave a wonderful big smile. He was both cheerful and helpful. The place feels small and personable despite it’s obvious size

CorridorThe walls are covered in photographs of key influential people in the history of the hospital and patients doing all sorts of things, mainly smiling. Natural daylight falls into the main corridors. Walking the corridors doesn’t feel like being trapped in subterranean tunnels – my normal experience of big hospitals. The architects have clearly thought carefully about helping the building provide things that raise spirits like natural daylight. throughout the building there were many more windows than normal in hospitals or other buildings of this period

Speak UpSubtle signs demonstrate that this hospital genuinely listens to their patients and treats them with respect

Wouldn’t it be good if all hospital architecture, signage and decor could create this kind of caring supportive impression for their patients

Finding the Maudsley
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3 bits of lovely banter on “Finding the Maudsley”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    Yep, when can I move in?



    wendy writes

    Ms S, I know someone on the inside – we can probably get you in x



  2. Jenny writes:

    I’ve often thought the same thing (sort of) about hospitals, mainly thinking how horrible they are and how it makes you feel ill to go in them even if you weren’t before. But it also works the other way round – that good surroundings can lift the mood a little. There is some very good and useful work done in the Maudsley, not to mention some good research.



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