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Empty roadWardrobe full of dreams C S Lewis wrote the Chronicals of Narnia while living in Oxford. On a frosty February morning driving along a deserted Oxfordhsire road reminds me of stepping from the Wardrobe into a frozen Narnia

Old Frenchy
My wardorbe was originally shipped from France to Portsmouth, probably circa 1880. It has a French accent. I found it in a 1993 garage sale (no garage) where the owner was moving to America and selling large furniture that wouldn’t ‘fit’ in an American apartment

Sailed to Seattle
Ironically, in 2000 I  shipped the wardrobe from Portsmouth to the USA. The french wardrobe looked decidely small in the large bedroom with its own built-in, walk-in, wardrobe. In Seattle the wardrobe was honourarily called an ‘Armoire‘ in respect of its origins.

Now nearer Narnia
Most recently it was shipped from Seattle to the Wendy House in Reading town,  near Narnia inspiring countryside of Oxfordshire. Armoire holds my hat collection. Over 50 hats, silk and top hats in hat boxes, baseball caps on hooks, Cloches  carefully laid out and stuffed with wooly ski hats.

Mr. BennMr Benn
The hats in Armoire provide a doorway to so many different places. Each time I put on a different hat, like Mr Benn, I’m taken to the place that is right for that hat. In Today’s -12 temperatures my  ear-muffing psuedo-Russian snow leopard hat will be taking me somewhere….I wonder where…

wandering wardrobe
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2 bits of lovely banter on “wandering wardrobe”

  1. Kay Guest writes:

    You must look good in hats. I wish I did but it’s hard to wear hats when you have a head like a basketball.



  2. James writes:

    I’ve always rather liked the look of those “Russian” hats – quite silly in most weather of course, but trudging through a blizzard or battling through a howling gale, it would be invaluable. My ears would have loved one back last December in Edinburgh!

    In terms of furniture, I really want some nice big bookshelves, rather than wardrobes. A hook or two is enough for the things that need to be hung up for storage!



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