reading problem on Google reader

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Just incase you thought eveything was running smoothly, here is internet failure of the day

Google Reader button text never arrived…

I waited ….  then wrecklessly pressed the unlabelled button…

It turned out to be the settings button. Google trying to hide its settings on the day it merged it’s privacy policies to share my use data across services?  Unlabelling a setting button on the day I want to change  settings

Spooky or cunning? You decide…

reading problem on Google reader
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  1. James writes:

    The anti-spam word should surely have been ‘cynic’ for this one! I really don’t like the new theme (or indeed Google+ itself).

    I’m a little sceptical about the ‘need’ to change terms, too. A, surely most of the services could have used a common set of T&Cs anyway, not the 70 different ones Google now cite as reason for the change (Microsoft EULAs seem to be largely the same: “don’t copy/reverse-engineer except where permitted by law, only 1/X copies to be (in use at once/installed), don’t sue us if it breaks”, after all. If I could ‘share’ my data between my Gmail account, Picasa and Google Docs happily before, why does it need to change now? (Cynic answer: so *they* can share my stuff into Google+ to pretend it actually has an active user?)



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