when there’s no audience in the room – I’m an extrovert

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Circle LineDuring commuter time, even in London, it is possible to be alone in public

When I stepped into this empty circle line carriage at 08.45am I felt like singing. So I did! No-one smirked, No-one shook their head, no-one asked me to stop screeching.

No-one joined in. I did’t feel embarrassed because¬† I’m not a talented or even accurate vocalist

When there’s no audience in the room – I’m an extrovert

I normally choose to be in a place with few, or no, people present – does that make me an introvert?

If I tell my friends that I’m an introvert they disagree.¬† They describe things I do that are typical of an extrovert. Things that I don’t actually enjoy or find easy. I’m an introvert who can do extrovert things when the occasion requires. Happily living alone, spending many nights in, is probably the biggest indicator that I’m an introvert at heart

when there’s no audience in the room – I’m an extrovert
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3 bits of lovely banter on “when there’s no audience in the room – I’m an extrovert”

  1. Kay Guest writes:

    I like to get on elevators with no one else there, and will sing all by myself! I can be quite bubbly when I want to, or I can be just as flat as two week old opened soda…just depends who I am around!



  2. Janet Barlow writes:

    I sing on my bicycle sometimes, which is a moving thinkspace on my way to work, or certainly give vent to the earworms that help me to think. It seems that there’s no-one there but me, or I reckon by the time someone notices that I’m singing, I’m far down the road and completely anonymous. A frame of reference dependent extravert!



  3. wendy writes:

    Kay, Janet and I will be more or less extrovert depending on the social / physical environment.



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