cushion cover creativity

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Ready to sew Finished bench cushion cover I kicked a bedspread into bench-cushion-cover shape during the long bank holiday weekend!

Not a trivial achievement:

  • getting all the bits to mumzie’s house (where the sewing machine lives)
  • working out how to cut-the bedspread so the patterns line-up sensibly on the cushion cover
  • threading the sewing-machine (including loading and installing the bobbin)
  • cutting the bedspread, pinning it together in the right arrangement
  • troubleshooting the elderly sewing machine idiosynchracies while putting my foot to the pedal – vrrrrrroooooom
  • clearing up the debris from the table, floor and up my not insubstantial nose
cushion cover creativity
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  1. Kay Guest writes:

    “My not insubstantial nose”…that is so funny.
    Good girl, making your own cushion cover! Here is a funny story. I tried to crochet a cap and somehow, I did it wrong and it was WAAAAY too big. My husband took one look at it and said, “You know, we just bought that kitchen stool…”. And sure enough, it fit it perfectly!



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