be jealous

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Because I’ve got some friends. Really!  They are real people. They have never commented on my blog – but they do read it! They don’t seek re-affirmation for their own blog and it’s content – but they do have one. I know they have a blog because I’m now an official guest blogger on it!

This means I’m

  • not in residence
  • have my own log-in
  • get editted before being published

On the Flitwick Mill blog. Here’s the bit I’ve written so far….

Now they’ll have to invite me back to visit. Well, probably, if I bring chocolate….


be jealous
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2 bits of lovely banter on “be jealous”

  1. B-u-x writes:

    Ooooh I am jealous! Real friends, posh property…ask you over to visit. I think that post should have been entitled ‘Wendy House in da House’. I do hope they invited you to stay for dinner so you could make a mill of it.

    Oh dear, too many cheesy jokes – don’t let me grind you down Wendy :-)))




  2. sarah writes:

    Dear Emminent Wendy House,

    You have a permanent open licence to Flitwick Mill to which you are invited at short notice, on a whim, whenever you fancy.
    Chocolate is optional. Dinner is also always offered though at the moment lack of fundamental equimpent such as walls and floors might hinder procedings. No matter, that just means that dinner takes place elsewhere. You are certainly on the guest list for the Private Viewing prior to Day of First Opening. Which, if it ever happens, seems likely to be 5 years away [gulp].

    Your blogging is indeed much admired by those of us who are unable to rise to such standards but will have a little dabble now and then 🙂

    With a little luck, things might start moving soon and without the hindrance of Dick Dastardly.
    That’s the long story that is for your ears and not for the eyes of the web.

    Hope your hand is recovering steadily. None of that NHS elbow cheating now….



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