why are you taking pictures of shoes?

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Bridemaids Shoesasked the young girl

Because they’re pretty and tell the tale of their owners running around – free from footwear

I was the only girl over the age of 10yrs wearing flat-soled shoes. The youngsters were quite keen to kick-off their flatties, I liked their attitude, they were all about running, twirling and laughing.

The adults were more about drinking, smoking and re-telling histories


why are you taking pictures of shoes?
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3 bits of lovely banter on “why are you taking pictures of shoes?”

  1. Kay Guest writes:

    Oh dear, I suppose I have never grown up really, I want to be with the girls twirling and laughing.
    Love the photo.



    wendy writes

    I’m with you Kay! I was too conformist to join them, though I did run down a corridor and twirl a bit – when no-one was looking. I told Tiger (my escort) and he smiled, he understands



    Kay Guest writes

    That made me smile, thinking you of your twirling with no one looking. Watch out, you’ll be skipping next! (Do children even know how to skip anymore?)



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