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Wedding specialSince returning to the UK in 2007 I’ve been to 5 weddings


The BBC noted last year how the marriage rate in the UK population is steadily falling as a proportion of the population to its lowest rate for 100 years

Amongst my friends there was a spate of weddings in our mid 20’s.  People seemed to get a degree where they met their beloved. They graduated and lived together while they both worked to save for a deposit on a home and pay for a wedding, then got married and had kiddies

A significant proportion of my friends long-term cohabit without getting married. They have stable loving relationships, mostly with kiddies. Marriage just isn’t part of the way they announce their love and commtiment. Few are happily single like Tiger, Spotty dog and me

The weddings I’m going to now are mainly in people in their 30s for thier first marriage. Occassionally its a precursor to having kiddies. More often its just that it took that long to know the right person. There are some changes in the format of the weddings. Some of the things I’ve noticed are:

  • Fewer women wear hats – not everyone
  • Someone other than the father gives the bride away – an artefact of the age of people marrying, a father is no longer available
  • Couples write their own vows
  • The bride makes a speech during the speeches
  • the photography is less formal, though it may include a few ‘almost’ formal photographs where the bride/grooms family stand around the married couple
  • Entertainment is laid on for the reception – it’s not just a wedding breakfast

Today’s 20 somethings may not experience the same ‘marriage’ cycles that I have because they have to deal with

  • high unemployment
  • high rental and mortgage costs – encouraging them to stay with their parents or share houses
  • high student debt levels
  • difficulty getting a mortgage even when both people have good jobs

In this context I suspect marriages will decline further, happen later in life and change nature from the sumptuous parties to more cost-effective events…

weddings – wassup?
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2 bits of lovely banter on “weddings – wassup?”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    It’s an economic industry so it’ll be propped up somehow or other…. maybe there will be sponsered weddings…. ideal sponsers would be firms of solicitors.



    wendy writes

    Ms S, oh the possibilites! Holiday in were offering a wedding package for 36 guests for £1000 – like a package holiday – so Hotels are already ‘sponsoring weddings…..



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