wearing dad’s jumper

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Mumsie: what would you like us to get you for your 18th Birthday present?

Wendy: A motorbike

Mumsie: No

Wendy: I’ll save to buy the protective clothing – Helmet, jacket, trousers, boots

Mumsie: No, nothing electrical for your 18th

Wendy: The Gibson Les Paul you got Bros 62 is an electric guitar

Mumsie: That’s different

Wendy: What if I buy the bike and you can give me a full set of leather gear and a helmet for my 18th?

Mumsie: No

Wendy: Why not?

Mumsie: No clothes for your 18th

Wendy: What can I have?

Mumsie: I thought a nice Diamond and Topaz ring

Wendy: If that’s what I’m allowed, I’ll take it… … can I pawn it for money towards a motorcycle?

Honda CB100N

Mum and Dad rarely rowed. Later that year they rowed about my getting a motorbike. Dad sided with me, placating mumsie with a promise to make sure that I looked after the bike properly. The morning before Dad took this photograph he carried a comfy chair into the garage while I laid out the large tent groundsheet on the garage floor between my bike and his comfy chair. Dad opened the Haynes manual.

Gradually I deconstructed the engine and lay each piece out in neat chronological order on the groundsheet. When the engine was in pieces we took a break to clean up and eat Sunday lunch.  Then, slowly, peace by piece, I rebuilt the engine. When I got confused, Dad showed me the relevant Haynes manual picture and pushed me to make a decision. He helped listen to the sound quality when adjusting the timer.

I felt so proud of myself once I’d finished.  Dad let me wear my favourite of his jumpers for this celebratory photograph.

The bike lasted just over a year before I sold it on for a profit.

My diamond and topaz ring, worn less than 6 times in 30 years,  reminds me that mum and dad love me and the responsibility and freedom of motorcycling…



wearing dad’s jumper
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4 bits of lovely banter on “wearing dad’s jumper”

  1. Kay G. writes:

    Wait…you got the motorcycle AND the ring? You lucky, lucky girl!
    Love the photo of you on the Honda motorbike and I love the jumper too!
    (Two words here that most Americans wouldn’t know…”jumper” means sweater and “rowed” means argued.
    This is just to help out any other Americans who read your blog. I always like to help out my fellow countrymen or women.)



    wendy writes

    Hi Kay, I bought the bike and the protective riding clothing with a loan dad gave me. I paid him back with interest within the year. Mum and dad gave me the ring as an 18th Birthday present. Keep the cross-Atlantic translations coming!



  2. Tim writes:

    Just (re?) discovered your great blog. I’d completely forgotten my resentment when my brother, at eighteen, was allowed a motorbike whereas I, five years earlier, had been non-negotiably refused – thanks for reminding me. I’ll bring it up with him when I see him next week.
    Oh, and thanks also for reminding me of some of those lovely walks.



    wendy writes

    Welcome back Tim, and thanks for the encouragement, I’m looking forward to exploring more of the local pub walks across the summer weekends…



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