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It’s hot work

A woman with close-cropped hair and pixie-like features winks at me while she twists round to see her bum in tight fitting black leather trousers. I can hear the gentle creak of leather on her and the other customers as they squeeze past each other down the thin display isles. The store oozes intimacy.

Free Tea and Coffee

Prices start at around £100 for leather trousers, through £350 for a half-decent jacket with built-in body armour then up to £700 for a fully featured, brand name, helmet. Half a day passes as I systematically look at everything, finding out how one item differs from another. Assistants helped; pointing me to good brands, explaining how things worked and finding other sizes for me to try on. Some black, Goretext lined, Alpinestars ladies leather boots with ankle armour accompanied me out of the shop.

Like the shop I used to work in, this one provides its customers with tea and biscuits. Unlike the shop I worked in there’s no teapot or china involved. The polystyrene self-service with custard cremes seems strangely at odds with the price and style of the gear being sold.


adult shop
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