Scree scrambling: BRONZE downside

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I am honoured to present you with the mountainous, yet not Olympian, awards for our teams’ recent Snowdonia hiking downsides. The lows of the experience. These downsides played an essential role in making the highs, the upsides, so much more intense and pleasurable. 3rd place for the downsides goes to….

Up to the saddle

Bronze winner: Scree scrambling

No-one told me we’d be scrambling, we’d have to use our HANDS

The scramble was an unexpected, unpleasant, suprise for those with immaculately mannicured nails.

There were mumbles of being mislead and longing looks back. But no-one mentioned turning back.  Going forward meant that we all had to scramble.

For unmanicured, short-nailed, me – traversing the slippy slate was actually fun. A tad exciting!

Like a prince charming, one young guide took his cheeky disposition downhill to catch any slippers. Some of the girls considered deliberately Miss footing, but no-one was prepared to lose face in order to win a hand up.


This experience achieved ‘One Frown’ 🙁  on the Wendy House rating scale –  Ratings explained

Scree scrambling: BRONZE downside
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4 bits of lovely banter on “Scree scrambling: BRONZE downside”

  1. Kay G. writes:

    The nice thing about being over the hill, is that it is all downhill from here. Now, you know that is not always a good thing. It looks as if it will be easy, but it is a slippery slope.



  2. wendy writes:

    Kay, the wonderful photographs on your blog show you are an expert on mountain hiking! We were in for a little suprise after we’d peaked….



  3. Indigo Roth writes:

    Hey Wendy! Long nails are overrated. My “nervous energy” makes them unlikely. I liked this 🙂 Indigo



    wendy writes

    Hej Indigo! Thanks for dropping by again and reading some more. Nervous energy can be very useful in tight corners….



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