stepping out

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leaving the ceremonythey’re so young, and

there’re so many guests :-

they’re as good as Indian

It’s the sort of comment that prompts me to produce furniture rattling laughter. And so it did. The Indian lady liked my refined audience skills. Turning to me she started a more detailed comparision between this Church of England wedding and the Indian family weddings she’d attended. Her husband nodded, smiled and giggled.

This happy couple helped distract me from the disturbing lack of hats. Over 200 guests and only 4 hats. If you count a fascinator as a hat then maybe 14 hats.  A generally poor show for headgear. Adrienne’s business must feel the pain of this changing trend.

stepping out
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4 bits of lovely banter on “stepping out”

  1. Sarah writes:

    I trust that you were one of the hats. Picture please!



  2. Scarlet writes:

    Why are fascinators called fascinators? I am troubled by this, I will have to Google.



  3. Kay G. writes:

    With so few hats, it must be the American influence on your country. That is what my English mother-in-law would say! 🙂
    I agree with the above commenter. We expect a photo of you, better be wearing a hat!



  4. wendy writes:

    Hi all, I was sporting a rather fetching forest-green rough linen floppy hat – hand made in Seattle. Alas, no-one pointed a camera at me so there is no evidence…



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