incompatible systems

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12noon 16th August

my broken wrist before surgery Wrist in plaster of parisnurse: you must go to X-Ray

wendy: have they seen the X-Rays from Worthing?

nurse: the consultant wants so see today’s X-Ray

wendy: ok

Waiting outside the X-Ray room I chat with a shy Welsh man on crutches. He’s holding a CD from Pontypridd.

Were you on Holiday in Wales?

No, visiting my daughter who lives there now

He explains that the Reading hospital system can’t view his CD copies of his X-Rays, so he’s having the X-Ray’s done again. I suspect the same is true for me, but my nurse was focussed on what can and should happen rather than what doesn’t work.

The CD contains an executible file for a small program that views the X-Rays and enables them to be exported into standard file formats. It was easy to view on my PC. I suspect RBH’s system prevents users from being able to run exectuibles from CDs – for security reasons.

incompatible systems
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3 bits of lovely banter on “incompatible systems”

  1. Kay G. writes:

    Wow, Wendy, you are bad to the bone!
    I hope this made you smile, and if not, go to my post a few weeks back, my “one blog anniversary” post that has a video of the Muppets telling a joke. I think you could use a laugh right now.
    Take care and hope your body is healing itself like it should.



    wendy writes

    Kay, I giggled, then a browse through your recent mountain pictures really warmed my cockles 😉



  2. Sarah writes:

    Oh my! I reckon your bones are not supposed to look like that. Ouch!



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