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Wrist - stitches removed4pm 28th August: 6 inch scar revealed

10 days since the operation, with my arm in a cast, I returned to the Fracture Clinic for my first follow-up appointment. The statuesque painted blonde nurse admires the neatness of my scar and stitches as she removes the cast. The petite naturelle orthopeadic physiotherapist also compliments the neat scar that’s healing well.

Is that all you can move it?

It hurts quite a lot….

The physiotherapist demonstrated a regime of daily exercises.  Our schedule involves weekly physio check-up sessions and an overall progress check in mid October. After explaining this she just stood up and left the room.

I sat there in silence for a while, It was a wierd segue. Was this the end of the session? Was she coming back? Was someone-else coming in? Should I leave now? The statuesque painted blonde nurse wandered in and gave me a ‘sick note’ for my employer – so they can claim my Statutary Sick Pay.

Do I leave now? Will the appointment times be sent to me?

Go to reception, they’ll sort the appointments

The young receptionist was flustered. She couldn’t work out how to book my Physio appointments. I was the 3rd patient this afternoon that had asked them to arrange this type of appointment….

The patient behind me in the line laughed:

I used to work at this hospital, there’s a 2 week waiting list for a physio appointment, you wont get one next week!

The young receptionist looked bewildered, earnestly asking me:

Do YOU work at the hospital?

No. I’m just a patient. The blonde nurse sent me here when I asked if the appointments would be sent to me.

Oh, if you don’t mind waiting I’ll go and ask them

Thankyou, I don’t mind waiting at all

She smiled, her wonderfully humble and respectful way added a little joy to this otherwise dour place.

that’s neat
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4 bits of lovely banter on “that’s neat”

  1. Indigo Roth writes:

    Hey Wendy! That’s a hell of an impressive scar you have going on there. But like they said, very neat! Still not impressed with the hospital, but the flash of humility would have made a difference to me too. I guess we’re close to the end of this tale now? Indigo



    wendy writes

    Hi Indigo, the story definitely peaked in the operating theatre. From now on its a wee bit unworthy of blog posts though a few will sneak through into October



  2. p-g writes:

    Just noticed that many of the date tags in your photostream have gone awry – why would that be?
    Love your accounts from the RBH (imposing building I always thought) – triggers memories for me, some going back seventy years. That was even pre-NHS, and all good memories too. What’s gone wrong?



    wendy writes

    P-G, 70 years! Your typing doesn’t give your age away. The RBH, as a founndation hospital (and compared to Worthing) is an excellent hospital. Sigh.

    My camera resets the date when I charge the battery. Sometimes I can’t be bothered to reset it.



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