No, No, No….Yes

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Repeat 3 times:

me: Hello, my name is Wendy House. On Wednesday 29th August during my appointment at the fracture clinic the Dr told me that I would have my first physiotherapy session next week, which is this week. The receptionist told me that I would recive a letter with the appointment time – I haven’t recived a letter and I’d like to check what time my appointment is.

I’ll forward you to the [name] department.

Reach the Physiotherapy department and eventually get a good result:Physio

They shouldn’t tell you to phone us.

me: They didn’t. They said I’d get a letter, and I haven’t so I decided to phone you.

They shouldn’t have said that – we don’t send out letters.

You’re not on my system. Hang on while I look at these files.

Oh! you’re right on the top with a note to phone you and make a direct appointment – broken arm. It will take some time to enter all this data but I can make the appointment now. Will 11.40 on Thursday suit you?

me: Yes. Do I go to the same place as before? The fracture clinic on Floor 2.

No!  Go to physiotherapy.

me: So I’ll walk in the main entrance and ask reception to point me to physiotherapy?

No! They could send you anywhere. Are you driving?

me: (giggles) No, I’m on foot

Go to accident and emergency, stand at the entrance facing the main car park and we’re on you’re left

me: Thankyou

No, No, No….Yes
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5 bits of lovely banter on “No, No, No….Yes”

  1. Kay G. writes:

    It’s a very good thing your brain has not been affected by this injury. You have needed it! That, and a good sense of humour.
    There , I did the Brit spelling for you!



  2. Indigo Roth writes:

    *bangs head on desk repeatedly*

    Does ANYONE display initiative or even basic COMPETENCE in this story? Indigo x



  3. Scarlet writes:

    Oh Wendy, all these administrative errors are giving me a headache…



  4. Scarlet writes:

    ….notice how I’ve skipped the gory bit 🙂




  5. wendy writes:

    Kay, Indigo, Scarlet, I’m loving all your humour and indignancy on my behalf! I’ll take a bottle of it with me on my next trip into the NHS…. w.



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