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M&S promote British StyleI rarely go into M&S. This window display is a prime example of why. The slogan says “the best of British style” the mannequins are wearing shades of biege jumpers, denim and undistinctive footwear.¬† Neither classic, exciting, country, or any kind of combination that could really be described as style except perhaps ‘comfortably numb’.

Poor show M&S

I’m confident that British styling can do a whole lot better!

4 bits of lovely banter on “misleading advertising”

  1. James Sutherland writes:

    The flag segment looks depressingly washed-out, too.

    I’ve been much less keen on M&S since my brother was stopped by security for shoplifting. After a few minutes, it became clear: the CCTV operator had seen somebody on crutches shoplifting, and relayed this to the guard on the door – who grabbed ‘the guy on crutches’. The WRONG ‘guy on crutches’, needless to say: the culprit caught on camera had nothing in common besides gender and crutches, but by this time had presumably made a clean getaway.



  2. Scarlet writes:

    The only items I buy from M&S are knickers and sandwiches.
    Thanks for the link. I like.



  3. Indigo Roth writes:

    Hey Wendy! Good grief, this is the best we can do. Mind you, M&S. Hmmm. Yes. This is why they’re failing! Indigo x



  4. wendy writes:

    Sadly, Window dressing has become a much underrated art.
    No-one would guess that the celebrity window dresser – Simon Doonan – who dresses Barney’s in NY, NY actually grew-up here in Reading Town, and had a TV series about his life – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beautiful_People_(UK_TV_series)



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