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M&S promote British StyleI rarely go into M&S. This window display is a prime example of why. The slogan says “the best of British style” the mannequins are wearing shades of biege jumpers, denim and undistinctive footwear.  Neither classic, exciting, country, or any kind of combination that could really be described as style except perhaps ‘comfortably numb’.

Poor show M&S

I’m confident that British styling can do a whole lot better!

misleading advertising
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  1. James Sutherland writes:

    The flag segment looks depressingly washed-out, too.

    I’ve been much less keen on M&S since my brother was stopped by security for shoplifting. After a few minutes, it became clear: the CCTV operator had seen somebody on crutches shoplifting, and relayed this to the guard on the door – who grabbed ‘the guy on crutches’. The WRONG ‘guy on crutches’, needless to say: the culprit caught on camera had nothing in common besides gender and crutches, but by this time had presumably made a clean getaway.



  2. Scarlet writes:

    The only items I buy from M&S are knickers and sandwiches.
    Thanks for the link. I like.



  3. Indigo Roth writes:

    Hey Wendy! Good grief, this is the best we can do. Mind you, M&S. Hmmm. Yes. This is why they’re failing! Indigo x



  4. wendy writes:

    Sadly, Window dressing has become a much underrated art.
    No-one would guess that the celebrity window dresser – Simon Doonan – who dresses Barney’s in NY, NY actually grew-up here in Reading Town, and had a TV series about his life – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beautiful_People_(UK_TV_series)



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