umbrellas at the ready

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Why I love England #19:  Umbrella’s at the ready
a break in the rain

Within 30 minutes of starting our hike up Tryfan from near the Ogwen cottage  – the rain put in an appearance. No real suprise. For me the suprise was the back and white spotted umbrella that arrived to help keep the rain off.  I had to chuckle.  Surely only the English would take an umbrella as rain protection up a mountain when wearing high tech water repellant, goretex, clothing.

Here we see the happy hikers taking a short rest break in the rain, accompanied by the cheerful umbrella.

Excellent show!


umbrellas at the ready
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3 bits of lovely banter on “umbrellas at the ready”

  1. Stefan writes:

    Not just the English …. I took a small umbrella on my hike through the Scottish Highlands 🙂
    It made it a bit nicer to sit before my tent and cook my supper while the drizzle kept coming down, and it would also keep my little cooking unit from being extuingished before I would have the chance to place the pan over it.

    (I have to admit that it was a lightweight storm-resistant umbrella, not a nice black-and-white spotty one, and I didn\’t use it while hiking, only in camp)



  2. wendy writes:

    Stefan! an umbrella as a tent porch or outdoor cooker cover. Excellent creativity. Are you Dutch?



  3. Stefan writes:

    Yes, I have to admit that I hail from The Netherlands, and was born and raised there. Allthough frequently I feel more English or American than Dutch 🙂

    I got the idea after I used my little hiking-tent for the first time. It’s a little one-person sleeper, just big enough for me and my backpack, but it’s so small you can only lay down in it (sitting only works when folded over – not very comfortable), and it doesn’t have any sort of porch-area. The first time I tried it I went away for a long weekend to test it, and used my car. So when it started raining the second night, I remembered I always carry an umbrella in my car – and so the idea was born 🙂



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