cheating elbow and pinkie

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using my pinky to leverage the glasspinky in position to leverage the glassMy physiotherapist pointed out that moving my elbow to complete some of the physio excersizes was actually “cheating”.

No cheating allowed.

I’ve since noticed that I’ve developed a whole range of little movement cheats to compensate for a slightly rigid wrist. For example, notice how the upper line of the thumb and back of the hand (from the wrist) hasn’t moved in these two photographs – yet the tilt of the glass has changed.  I can mimic gintly tilting a stemmed wine glass by moving it with my little pinkie.

Can you see the offending digit in action?

tut tut!


cheating elbow and pinkie
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2 bits of lovely banter on “cheating elbow and pinkie”

  1. ExpatEgghead writes:

    I can see and approve whole heartily.



  2. Scarlet writes:

    For very important activities the body quickly adapts.



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