have some babies for windows 8

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Windows 8Several things make me think that Windows 8 is not for me.

The UK advertising campaign is my main source of thinking it’s not meant for me. For example, in an advertising email Microsoft appears to be suggesting that Windows 8 has been designed for either:

  1. young women who can afford to have kiddies who wear smart clothes indoors on the bed, or for
  2. people who want to have a young woman with a kiddie who wears smart clothes on a bed.

I am neither of these things – but I can afford a decent personal computer, unlike many of the young people who can’t afford to leave home let-alone have a kiddy.

The promotional picture of the UK Windows 8 upgrade website is equally excluding me from its focus. Below we see what looks like a young family, a beardyman wearing pink corduroy flares, a woman with a strappy dress and a child with a big smile. They are all bravely ignoring the wind storm that is about to take down the palm trees in the background. Is this the Windows 8 user-group or representing their aspirations. I am very far from being either of these. I wonder if it’s Microsoft’s imagination of what they aspire to have their users be like. Tush. I can see I’m a disappointment to them – too old with insufficient babies.

Windows 8 upgradeI’m a bit peeved at this persistent exclusion. When you see their TV adverts for the Surface, it gets worse. I’m not ready to go there yet.

Looks like my next computer will be the Nexus 7. Ironically, a friend who’s a recent mother is raving about how she can feed the baby with one arm while using the Nexus with the other….


have some babies for windows 8
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6 bits of lovely banter on “have some babies for windows 8”

  1. Scarlet writes:

    I wouldn’t let the windy palm tree family in my house. I have thought about it and I wouldn’t. They may have upgraded to Windows 8, but obviously don’t know how to use an iron board.
    I have more sympathy for the single mother in the top pic – she is has survived a sticky divorce – her husband hid all his assets leaving her unable to afford anything more than a bedsit as a living space.



  2. James Sutherland writes:

    A slightly weird choice of image, yes – she looks quite young, though, maybe she’s a student, baby-sitting for the kid to raise money to pay for the nice new laptop? I’d say group #2 is pretty much empty, but if the child isn’t her own it opens up more possibilities…

    Interesting that they don’t seem to have any features of the product itself to advertise here, though. You don’t even see Windows in the picture at all – for all we know, both groups could be running Ubuntu!

    I’m thinking about a Nexus 4 – decent price, SIM-free, and should have enough processing horsepower to deliver decent browsing at last.



  3. Stefan writes:

    Hmmm. I guess I have to agree with you here Wendy. Apart from my personal dislike of Windows 8 it does not seem to be targeted at me either: a middle-aged childless bachelor IT-professional. If I look at the man in the lower picture all I can think of is that he should learn how to shave properly and get a haircut (apart from learning how to use an iron, of course – Scarlet is right about that one)

    Guess I will be seriously looking at getting a new laptop or notebook with a Linux-version: Penguins don’t seem to discriminate against age, gender or childlessness 🙂

    PS. Do I sound too much like a Grumpy Old Man now? 😉



    ExpatEgghead writes

    No, you do not sound like a grumpy old man. I agree, as an IT type person, I so do not want W8. I could use Meego instead.



  4. B-u-x writes:

    as a total hardware thicko….I have no clue what you are all on about. However, I am an expert on being a computer using mother (literally and figuratively 🙂 and expert iron-er.

    I’m in dire need of a new computer, but I’m so confused by all the choice I’ve become totally paralysed in my purchase (see, it’s not easy being a hardware thicko). I do know for sure that the windows 8 advertising bods have got it all wrong if they want me to buy into their product, I’m too old and far too well turned out by their standards.

    Hmmm, fisher price…..I’m thinking my next computer will be a fisher price, or a v-tech 🙂



  5. wendy writes:

    I love the idea of a fisher-price computer, or one by Catapillar in yellow and black with some really effective rubber-ware for bouncing when it’s dropped – that’s DROPPED – not thrown onto the floor…..



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