dad’s been jackanaped

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The sender of this email agreed to let me publish it because he’s entertaining and talking about buying a PC from PC world:

My Dad just bought a new computer, without asking me first *facepalm*.

He went to PC World and some jackanape sold him a win 8 machine. Apparently it’s ‘in the cloud’ and ‘blazingly fast’, something my dad doesn’t understand but was convinced is a good thing.


To cut a long story short, my dad has come to visit and is begging me to put win 7 on it.

He said ‘it took me 45 minutes to find the control panel on it and i’ve been deleting stuff but noting makes that f*cking screen go away’.

Thanks MS. Thanks PC World.

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dad’s been jackanaped
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5 bits of lovely banter on “dad’s been jackanaped”

  1. Paul G. writes:

    We used to have a saying at uni:

    “Let’s all go into PC World and start acting stupid.”

    “No – let’s no. We might get mistaken for members of staff.”

    That was nearly 20 years ago. Although while trying to buy an Xbox game last night, when someone EVENTUALLy turned up at the checkout, they put the PS3 version in the box before I pointed out that the large black marker pen on the sleeve indicated it wasn’t the correct version…

    Nice to know some things never change…



  2. Indigo Roth writes:

    Hey Wendy!

    Yes, I’m back. Thanks for your uplifting comment on my blag the other day, it was appreciated.

    I’m strongly of the opinion that people who want to sell computers to oldsters should not be allowed to without a chaperone present. And should be horsewhipped under all circumstances.

    P.S. I liked that my security word was “****(removed by wendy)”.




    Stefan writes

    Hi Indigo,

    After having had to rescue my father from a computer salesman (who already had my dad at the till), I think you are being too mild 😉 I’m always very tempted to take them outside and into the alleyway next to the shop ….

    Allthough I must admit that when I started asking the salesman questions, it was fun watching him squirm, turn very red and sweaty, and all of a sudden needed to look for the manuals 🙂



  3. James Sutherland writes:

    On the bright side, there are several free downloads which restore the Start Menu – the very first thing I installed after migrating my laptop from Windows 7, in fact. As soon as you’ve installed one, you have something very much closer to Windows 7 – probably close enough to keep your Dad happy without actually changing OS entirely.

    The Start Menu’s replacement is reminding me more and more of the ill-fated MS Bob these days. I suppose it might catch on in time, but it’s certainly not popular so far. I suppose the question is, what would it take for Microsoft to change course?



  4. wendy writes:

    Steven Sinofsky’s departure probably heralds a change of course, but I suspect the change might acutally be to a ‘safer’ – give the customer what they had before’ route because that appears to be where their main current market strength lies. Being a follower that buys and subsumes innovations after they’ve been proven in smaller markets by innovators. It’s a rather uninspiring approach. When I install windows 8 I will not be installing a start menu replacement, I’ll be proactively learning the way of doing things that comes with not having the start menu – it may actually be an improvement once learned…
    Actually integrating the development of different products to enable an architecture that supports an integrated user experiene would have been awesome. Maybe that’s what Steve was trying to do….I can only guess…



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