troubleshooters – for hiding original design laziness

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Office 360 discussion - rejected!Grumble mumble


foot stomp

For goodness sake Microsoft if you’re still going to fail after decades of practice providing services then at least give me empathetic failure message not this ARCHAIC SHITE!

That’s empathetic with the emphasis on PATHETIC

I’m getting so annoyed that I’m getting all SHOUTY

If you effing bothered to test properly so you get the design right in the first place then I wouldn’t have to suffer your error messages and troubleshooters.

Grumble mumble

Bad mood

troubleshooters – for hiding original design laziness
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  1. James Sutherland writes:

    It can be infuriating; for me, rock bottom was when an Office installation failed with something shorter but equally opaque: “error -1163” (I don’t recall the exact number). The error number turned out to mean “Office has detected you have Lotus Notes installed, so is throwing a tantrum and refusing to install until you remove competitors’ software”. Moving the Notes configuration file elsewhere temporarily was enough to get Office installed and working; quite how that error message was ever allowed in, I don’t want to think about. Perhaps losing a huge court case or two about that sort of behaviour changed the culture and stopped that happening in newer versions, though…

    Windows/Microsoft Update still gives equally worthless but longer errors, like 0x80013c56, leading to hours of frustrated digging to find what has gone wrong this time. The sad thing is, there’s actually a built in way for software to translate these error codes into English, if only someone had bothered to use it!



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