kilt virtues

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The Farringdon GapAfter several months of wearing a genuine kilt, purchased in Edinburgh (online), I’ve leaned about many of it’s more subtle virtues, it:

  • water repellent:  flicks the rain off the surface layer as you walk – never soaks up water because of the movement designed in. Rather like the water coming off a dog when it shakes itself. This effect is stronger for pure wool kilts (which mine isn’t). It’s suitable for rainy climates.
  • toasty!: is very warm because the pleats make it 3 folds of material thick at most point. Again, this effect if emphasised for a wool kilt. It’s more suitable for cold climates.
  • curvy: demonstrates the comely turn of my calves – whatever it’s made from.
  • adjustable sizes: the wrap-around style means the kilt can fit you as you put-on, or loose, weight. This gives the kilt longevity as a wardrobe item. Excellent! As I approach my 50’s I’m anticipating the onset of a little plumpness and the kilt will stay with me unlike other clothes that might need replacing.
  • swing-tastic: with just a normal walk the back of the kilt swings in a playful way. With a flick of the hips it’s even more fun, and spinning around? Well! It’s a must-do activity in a kilt.

Friends have commented that very few people can ‘pull-off’ wearing a kilt, but I am one of them. I can pull it off while keeping it on. I think everyone should have a kilt, it should be a standard part of everyone’s wardrobe because it is quite simply –


kilt virtues
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3 bits of lovely banter on “kilt virtues”

  1. von lx writes:

    I haven’t worked up the courage to try one yet. Then there would be the question of which tartan.

    If I do get one, it will be of wool. Our US Navy blue uniforms and pea coats were made of wool because they keep one warm, even when wet.



  2. Ix writes:

    I own a particularly inauthentic kilt, but it has made me wish for a real one for many of the reasons you have outlined. As a man, some of the benefits are comparisons to pants: movement freedom, ventilation, etc., but in my goth-ier youth I wore skirts now and then (mostly out dancing) and I can attest that kilts are superior. My only wish is that I could wear them without attracting the smirks, scowls and stares that inevitably follow. Maybe I just need to move somewhere more accepting of the indisputable awesomeness of kilts.



  3. wendy writes:

    von lx & Ix, I hope you get to find the fun of kilt wearing – I’m rooting for you 🙂



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