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twitterRecently my employer asked for my Twitter address, to publish my tweets on their website. Other colleagues admitted to not tweeting, or suggested that our employer really wouldn’t want to publish their tweets. As wendy, I’ve dabbled but not really been drawn in.

What to do? Should I start using Twitter with my real ‘professional’ name. Luckily the name was available. There are only 2 of us with my real name and an online presence, the other person is a teenager in small town USA. I bagged our name on Twitter. But the big problems still haven’t been solved

  • Should I twit? And how long should I spend twitting if I do?
  • Who do I want to read my twits?
  • Do I have to use a spell-check on all my tweets to avoid irritating those people who can’t see my conceptual wood because of my grammatical trees?
  • What should I twit about?
  • What do professional tweeters, who are published on their employers websites, do?
  • What sort of ‘voice’ should I use? Directive? Cheeky? Subversive?

Do you think I’ll ignore all these tricky questions or other?

What have you done, and why’d you do it?

this twitting lark
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  1. Indigo Roth writes:

    Hey Wendy, I’m utterly puzzled by your employer’s request; it seems awfully vague. What do they do, again? Ah yes, psychology. But publishing them? I’ve never come across this before. They must want your character to shine though? Best keep it clean! And I love your avatar! =) Indigo



  2. wendy writes:

    Indigo, I’m a consultant, the company I work for provides expert services so they want to profile their experts. It’s not unusual to have consultant Bio’s on a company website with topical information e.g. twitter feeds.
    There are lots of examples of embedded twitter feeds embedded in web pages e.g. Ricky Gervais’s website –



  3. Indigo Roth writes:

    Hey Wendy! Yep, I get that, and I suppose if your tweets are work-related in makes sense. But man, mine are random. Indigo



  4. wendy writes:

    Random sound like good fun!
    I’ve found a way around it, me (as wendy house) follows me (as professional) then I can at least take my professional feed a bit off-kilter with a retweet or conversation if I want to… …and without owning some more cheeky views that might upset sensitive clients. I can also be signed into both accounts simultaneously by using two different browsers.
    I better sit down, I feel a bit geeky



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