backlash beginnings


itunesI am beginning to see people who have purchased apple services and products recognise that they are not perfect. These people aren’t the Apply Fanboys, they’re ordinary people who purchased Apple because they thought they were getting convenience and quality.

Seen on Facebook (2/12/12):

“WTF happened to itunes… i am not amused”

“Sigh. It’s Apple again. Style over substance”

“cannot bear style over substance!! i am going back to my tapes!!”

 Then there’s the recent (10/12/12)  life-threatening behaviour of Apple’s map inaccuracies in Aussieland.

Also the U.S. Federal agency that switched from BlackBerrys to iPhones is now planning to switch back (13/12/12). They’re going to test Blackberry10 devices next year. Blackberry users are a whole different cup of tea altogether. Looks like they don’t mix well with OS migration and new fruit.

Once some Apple Fanboys have read this scribble I could be in for a severe onslaught of ego-threatening verbal abuse.


backlash beginnings
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  1. James Sutherland writes:

    Embarrassingly, though, it turned out Apple’s source for the “wrong” map entry was the Australian government’s own official mapping data!

    ICE aren’t actually “switching back”: they’re still rolling out iPhones, they just plan to try some of the new BB10 handsets when they come out next month to see if they might be a viable option for real use.

    I’m not entirely thrilled with Apple (their laptop power supplies are atrocious, as is the customer service each time they fail, while the two exploding batteries didn’t improve matters either), but the brief experience I endured handling one of RIM’s attempts at a phone had me wishing them a painful death. I was sceptical of touchscreen virtual keyboards originally, but mere minutes of dealing with RIM’s tiny pointy little buttons which hurt my fingers convinced me they’re not such a bad idea after all, while clunking through text menus reminded me why we don’t use DOS for most things any more.

    Good news for RIM, yes – ICE haven’t completely dumped them after all – but hardly a triumph or even a gain, just a less disastrous loss than previously reported.

    The iTunes changes are a bit grating in some ways – but it could be worse, I could have a Zune, as dumped completely in June…



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